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At ShapeGrabber, we design, manufacture and sell industrial 3D scanners. Our 3D laser inspection and measurement systems are ideal for measuring complex shapes that are otherwise too time consuming, costly, or simply impossible to measure. Our 3D laser scanning systems are both very fast and very easy to use in comparison to traditional Coordinate Machines (CMMs).

Our 3D scanning systems utilize the accuracy and speed of lasers to precisely render every feature of an object into a three dimensional model. The model can then be inspected for defects, further augmented or reproduced as is. Regardless of how complex the object's shape may be, our laser scanners are guaranteed to capture every metric. Applications for our scanning systems can range from part inspection to prototyping to critical component reproduction. If your requirements call for precise shape modeling, ShapeGrabber has a laser scanning solution that will meet your needs.

ShapeGrabber's state-of-the-art 3D scanning solutions are the next generation in optical non-contact measurement systems. Considered to be one of the industrial pioneers in the field, ShapeGrabber has been supplying industrial 3D laser scanners for more than a decade.