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The Dynisco Difference: Customer-driven. Comprehensive. Innovative. Cost-effective.

Latest News:
DYNISCO Adds 2014 Environmental Leadership
Award to VertexTM Honors

The Society of Plastics Engineers recognizes DYNISCO’s Vertex sensors with a 2014 Environmental Stewardship Award for its important environmental sustainability features, including:

• No fill materials
• Mercury-free operation
• No waste-stream management
• RoHS Compliance

Vertex earned several industry awards in 2013 for design innovation featuring:

• No moving parts
• Reinforced, thicker diaphragm side walls
• Direct pressure measurement
• 4-Year Warranty

Dynisco’s more than 6 decades of commitment to helping customers solve problems with leading-edge quality products and award-winning innovative solutions has never been greater. Our dedication and ability to collaborate with you to help you measure, analyze and outfit extrusion control systems that fit your exact needs are unmatched.
From breakthrough technology in the industry’s most complete line of sensors to renowned quality and performance in indicators, controls, and analytical instruments, Dynisco is the proud holder of many industry patents and awards. We have demonstrated the skill, experience and know-how that not only deliver the right solution for your unique application, but also provide unparalleled customer support.
Exclusive Dedication to the Plastics Industry: Guarantees you will be working with people who understand your applications, your business, and your markets.

Customer-first Commitment: Our approach is customer-focused, and we surround you with a global network of sales, distribution, and service offices that can provide consultation, repair and equipment calibrations to maintain top operating efficiencies.

Experienced, Expert Staff: Technical personnel who average more than 20 years’ experience and a wealth of expertise and knowledge that is unmatched in the industry.

Global Reach: Offers you an extensive worldwide network of experts and local sales contacts – close, single-source, knowledgeable, responsive liaisons to help you select the best options for your application.

Recognized for Innovation and Industry Leadership

For decades, Dynisco has been a leading innovator in plastics extrusion process technology, starting with our pioneering development of the first transducer to measure melt pressure during the extrusion process.

Today, Dynisco offers one of the industry’s most-complete line of sensors, controls, analytical instruments, and accessories in the world – all manufactured to ISO 9001 standards and proven to deliver better control, reduced downtime, minimum scrap, unmatched reliability and working life.

Dynisco and its leading-edge products recently have been recognized by a number of prestigious organizations. The American Business “Stevie” Awards presented Dynisco with Best New Product and Most Innovative Company. Plus Dynisco also received the 2013 Flow Control Innovation Award for the key innovations represented by its Vertex Mercury Free Pressure Sensor


Dynisco has developed some of the most innovative measurement solutions for plastics extrusion, molding, and process control applications offering hundreds of models of transducers and transmitters with the latest sensing technologies. Our award-winning sensors have been recognized not only for high-accuracy pressure measurement at high temperatures, but also for transducers that withstand the most corrosive production environments.


Dynisco is renowned for robust performance, precision accuracy, and user-friendly design.Dynisco indicators, controllers and signal conditioners for pressure or temperature monitoring are highly intuitive and easily configurable to meet specific processing needs. They offer quick setup, digital communications, and multiple output options, and all Dynisco instruments adhere to international DIN panel standards.


Dynisco analyzers are recognized and used around the world for testing the physical, mechanical and thermal properties of polymers.Our processing instruments are used to prepare test specimens or evaluate the processability of materials.All Dynisco instruments conform to the strictest industry, national and international standard test methods.

The Dynisco line of sensors is one of the most comprehensive in the industry, not only because of our breadth of line, but also because of our simpler method of matching Dynisco sensor features, performance, and price point to your application and business needs.
From our revolutionary Vertex™ sensors with their industry-first 4-Year Warranty, to the core product offering of PTx, MDx, SPX Series, to the reliable yet economical Echo™ series, Dynisco is dedicated to ensuring your sensor solution is the most cost-effective possible for your operation.

Echo™ Melt Pressure Sensors
Trusted for quality, reliability, and accurate performance at an affordable price, Echo melt pressure sensors are the perfect choice for less demanding applications. With stainless-steel wetted parts, accuracy to within 0.5% and 1.5M to 10M psi pressure range capability, Echo sensors offer performance features other economically priced sensors can’t match.

PTx, MDx, SPX, and Guardian Series
Our flagship sensor line is renowned for reliability, precision, and long life. Offering ± 0.15% to ± 0.5% combined error, simple installation, and repeatability, the line includes SPX smart industrial transmitters for use in hazardous locations, and Guardian sensors with built-in relays that signal when the process becomes unsafe.

Vertex Mercury Free Sensors
Vertex sensors are our most robust, advanced-performance sensors offering longer life, faster response, and mercury free operation. Their revolutionary, reinforced diaphragm design using DyMax® coated Inconel delivers significantly longer working life than traditional sensors, more corrosion resistance than stainless steel, with an operating temperature range from –40°C to 400°C.

VERTEX™ Sensors: An advance in technology that changes everything.

Stevie Award Gold Winner

Winner of a Stevie Award for Best New Product and a 2013 Innovation Award from Flow Control magazine, Vertex sensors have launched a revolution in sensor technology and performance. Featuring up to twice the operating life of traditional sensors; thicker, reinforced diaphragm; direct measurement sensor tip; no fill material “green” operating; and the industry’s first and only 4-Year Warranty, Vertex is part of Dynisco’s comprehensive line of sensors for virtually any application.

Vertex sensors also offer several other important advances:
• Mercury free operation
• No fill material
• DyMax® coated Inconel diaphragm
• Temperature range from –40°C to 400°C
• Faster response
• Direct measurement
• RoHs compliant