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Washington Penn Plastic Company
Washington Penn Plastic Company, Inc. is the leading provider of polyolefin compounds headquartered in Pennsylvania. WPP operates globally with plants in Mexico and Slovakia in addition to the 4 plants in the United States.
Our business model focuses on tailoring polypropylene and polyethylene based products to our customer’s application requirements rather than selling from a list of stock products. WPP has demonstrated numerous successes replacing high cost engineering resins with lower cost materials by expanding the properties & capabilities of polyolefin compounds. Our resulting product categories are summarized as follows:
• Mineral-Reinforced (talc, calcium carbonate, mica, etc.)
• Glass Fiber Reinforced
• Flame Retardant Compounds
• TPOs and Soft Touch TPE materials
• Masterbatches
• Other Fillers (Alternative Fillers and Bio-Fillers)
Washington Penn Plastic products are used in a number of applications segments. WPP provides significant subject matter expertise in the following application areas listed below:
• Automotive
• Engine Components
• Interior Trim
• Bumper Fascia and Exterior Trim
• Appliance
- Laundry Tubs & Agitators
- Dish Washer Tubs & Spray Arm
• Furniture Applications
• Building & Construction
• Packaging
• Disposable Plates and Cutlery
• Residential HVAC
• Consumer Products
Washington Penn Plastic Company along with Uniform Color Company based in Holland, MI and Sothern Polymer based in Atlanta, GA make up the Audia Group.