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The Ensinger Stock Shapes Group develops and produces extruded, cast, and compression molded stock shapes and finished components from plastic and composite polymers for a wide variety of industries. Our developments meet or exceed the very high demands of industries we serve, which include medical and healthcare technology, food processing, energy, aerospace and defense, and automotive to name a few. Ensinger is able to call on many years of experience in these and other industries to help engineers find the optimum plastic solution for their specific application. Our industry experts can combine the right material with the most suitable manufacturing method. Selecting from a range of state-of-the-art process technologies, we bring solutions to our customers that are functional, cost efficient, and environmentally compatible. Superior materials process capabilities, application knowledge, and technical service are all part of the Ensinger business philosophy. We continue to strive to meet our customers' current needs and anticipate the market's constantly changing requirements.