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"Paul Mastro, LLC provides expertise in plastics design and development, materials processing, tool design, manufacturing productivity and plant layout. Process expertise includes injection molding, extrusion, machining, and prototyping.

Overview: Plastics design and development support includes advice on product design, material and process selection, as well as help in the design process itself, helping customers incorporate lean principles to improve their design process and reducing their time to market. Assistance can be provided in selecting prototyping processes and in procuring prototypes if required. Material processing support includes help on identifying and correcting process issues and analyzing and improving processes. Process expertise is in injection molding, extrusion, and machining of plastics. Tool design support includes advice on how to design tools to maximize productivity and minimize costs. Support can be provided to procure tool designs and tools. Manufacturing productivity includes reviewing current equipment, processes, and tooling and developing a plan (usually a series of options) to improve outputs and quality while reducing costs. Plant layout reviews and recommended improvements to optimize flow and improve outputs can be made for existing facilities as well as proposals for additions or new facilities.

Training is provided via internet or on site in injection molding, product design process and product design."