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Hosokawa Alpine American

Alpine American is a leading supplier of Blown Film Extrusion systems from mono to 11-layer co-extrusion. Alpine's patented X-Die and high performance triple-lip V-Ring offer the most technically advanced and efficient die and cooling system in the industry.

Alpine’s space saving Turret Winder for roll diameters of 32” and less with optimized web path produces exceptional geometry. Our center/surface winders with reverse wind option produce larger roll diameters and feature a unique shaft handling system, eliminating the need to physically handle the shafts.

Alpine’s Patented TRIO System revolutionized Machine Direction Orientation by significantly reducing scrap and producing flat convertible films. These PE based films have stiffness similar to Polyester and clarity that rivals OPP at a fraction of the cost.

Contact Alpine American to explore profit producing solutions for all your Blown Film applications.