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EAS offers complete single-source system solutions that feature fully automated functions for the clamping and release of moulds, plus the associated connector arrays necessary for mould heating and cooling systems. Contact us today 800-664-7086
The Silcotech Group a multinational silicone injection molding company:*the customers and their needs are our highest priority*proven expertise, innovation and added value are key success factors for the group up-to-date manufacturing cells
Shamrock Technologies Inc. Shamrock Technologies Inc.
Shamrock Technologies is the world’s leading producer of PTFE micropowders. We have built our name and reputation by designing PTFE micropowders that deliver optimal performance for specific engineered plastics applications.
Brampton Engineering Brampton Engineering
Brampton Engineering is the world leader in the design and engineering of air cooled & water quenched multilayer blown film lines for high barrier applications in the food, medical and industrial packaging industries, plus mono & 3 layer coextrusion lines
Making the impossible, possible
Inhance Technologies transforms plastic, elastomer and select metal surfaces using proprietary Reactive Gas Technology® to ...
Large-Tonnage Injection Molding
Adams Manufacturing is the region's premier Made in USA custom injection molder specializing in large-tonnage ...
Earth-safe Chemical Foam and Performance-Enhancing Additives
Focus on reducing costs and improving performance with SAFOAM® Chemical Foaming and Nucleating Agents. They ...
Burn-Off Ovens
The World’s Leading Manufacturer of “Pollution-Free” Burn-Off Ovens Pollution Control Products Co. created it’s Controlled ...
Award Winning Vertex Mercury Free Sensor
The Vertex™ mercury-free melt-pressure sensor from Dynisco sets a new, environmentally friendly standard for control ...
End-of-Arm Tooling from EMI
From supplying ready to use components from the leading manufacturers to providing complete design and ...
New Screws - Precision Feedscrews
Precision Feedscrews is equipped with machinery to manufacture screw diameters from 35 mm to fifteen ...
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